How to Clean Carpets Effectively

Use of the right northern beaches carpet cleaning on the carpet is a key factor in determining the degree of cleanliness. Many carpet cleaners are available but they aren’t effective enough. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your new carpet yourself, instead of relying constantly on commercial cleaning products.

Blot… Don’t Rub!

You have your kids running in circles around the home with a glass of juice and then, boom! Your child trips on the dog’s tail, landing right in your carpet. The juice has spilled all over. It’s your first instinct to rush over and scrub it as fast as possible before it sets. The carpet will be damaged by this.

To begin, use a paper towel or dry white cloth to gently blot (not rub) the stained area. Be sure to remove all of the liquids before blotting the carpet inward and towards the center. You will then need a clear liquid soap, such as dishwashing detergent to help remove the stain. It is important to use a clear liquid detergent because some liquid detergents can contain chemicals that are harmful and may fade or stain your carpet. Remove the liquid detergent after it has removed all stains with a wet white towel or cloth. Cover with a clean, dry towel or cloth. Then compress the material and leave to dry.

Vacuum at least once a week

Vacuuming can be one of the most difficult chores. Many homeowners mistakenly believe they need to vacuum their carpet daily to keep it looking fresh. The carpet-cleaning myth is true. You can ask yourself, “If I have little or no traffic on the carpet in my home, why would I need to vacuum every day?” I’m sure you understand.

Due to high traffic and shoes, dirt and other soils can accumulate on carpet. Vacuuming your carpet twice weekly is sufficient to maintain its cleanliness if you keep the house empty for at least six hours each day.

Know Your Cleaning Products

Understanding what you’re putting onto your carpet is crucial to its treatment. Some carpet cleaning products can be dangerous to not only your carpet but to the environment and your health as well. Certain carpet cleaning products contain chemicals which are hazardous to breathe. It’s for this reason that most carpet cleaners wear masks. They also advise their clients to avoid the area during the entire cleaning process.

Always check the labels. Always read the labels. It is much healthier and safer to use green products when cleaning your carpet. The green cleaning products that we use are all made with natural ingredients. They’re non-toxic and biodegradable. They are environmentally friendly and have actually been shown to be more efficient than commercial carpet cleaners. Both the best.
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